Infant – Pre-K

The early years of life are a critical period in cognitive development and preparation for school readiness. Our curriculum and staff provide an excellent environment to facilitate early learning. Whiz Kidz is committed to providing the highest quality child care, and our entire program is designed to meet your child’s developmental needs.

Whiz Kidz also offers Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK), which is a free educational program for Florida four year olds, with a focus on early literacy. The program is designed to prepare all school aged children for Kindergarten and build a foundation for future school success.
Contact us today at either 561-689-3333 (Whiz Kidz North) or 561-439-6700 (Whiz Kidz South) to learn more about our Infant – Pre-K programs!
After School
If you are looking for a way to keep your children safe after school and help them succeed, Whiz Kidz is the place for you! We offer maximum security for your children by providing constant supervision, as well as a challenging after school program that will keep them engaged and learning. We go above and beyond to offer the highest quality programs for the children of West Palm Beach. Our staff is committed to providing an environment for your children that stimulates learning. We provide the right balance of recreation and learning activities to make learning fun.

Contact us today at either 561-689-3333 (Whiz Kidz North) or 561-439-6700 (Whiz Kidz South) to learn more about our after school programs!